Friday, 10 October 2008

2009 Downtube Range available Now!

So, we've just launched almost the full range of current Downtube models! Very exciting. We don't currently have the No Suspension, since Downtube are very short of those, but the Front and Full suspension models have joined the Mini, in both 9 speed derailleur and 8 speed hub gear versions.

These bikes will be drop-shipped direct from the USA - the warehousing of bikes in Britain caused Downtube many problems, and a great deal of cost. The good news is, they should arrive within 3-4 days of order date, and all the tax will be paid, so what you pay is what you pay, the bike arrives, and it's yours! Prices have of course risen significantly - anyone who didn't believe the prices we had really represented a sale, and was holding out to get the new model year bikes at the same price will be severely disappointed. In reality, the current prices reflect what it actually costs to get these bikes to you. It's the US price, plus the cost of air-courier, and the tax.

We could of course ship them to the UK en masse by boat, and that would make the courier charges much lower, but then we'd have higher warehousing costs, plus we'd get hit with a gigantic anti-dumping duty, and the price would be very similar. By doing it this way, we can make sure that the European market is offered exactly what the US market has, rather than the situation we've had where there's a warehouse full of old stock needing to be sold. And we're still cheaper, and better, than Dahon! Hurrah!