Friday, 25 April 2008

Soft Launch, Hard Lesson

So, having got the site ready to the point that anyone clicking the button could actually buy a Downtube, I submitted it to Google, and blithely headed off to the USA, safe in the knowledge that the site was unlikely to get far enough in the rankings for anyone to stumble on it before I got back. Of course, I returned to find that we'd received our first email that very same day, and I had yet to reply, 12 days later! Talk about customer responsiveness!

So, whilst goods are shipped straight away no matter where I am, I realised that quite often I'm away for a day or two, and the idea of customers waiting 48 hours for a response did not please me. As a result, I'm now the proud owner of a Blackberry, and Velo Chocolate email will find me almost wherever I am. Of course, I'm still sometimes in meetings or unavailable for other reasons, but I can promise to respond in reasonable time.

I've now started talking to suppliers about other products I could carry, and hope to be able to add some soon. First priority is accessories suitable for the Downtubes - mudguards, seatpost racks etc, but there are some other fairly interesting things out there that other online suppliers are neglecting. Watch this space!

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