Friday, 13 June 2008

New Products on the way

We're working very hard to add new products to the Velo Chocolate range. It's not easy, because as a small new retailer, wholesalers don't really want to deal with us, but we've got some exciting, new and innovative products on the way. The first of these will be front lights which are almost as bright the the £100 Dinotte lights, but will cost £20. We have those in stock, but we're waiting on Twofish, a supplier of really good light mounts, to come through with mounts for us.

Of course, we're also very excited about the Downtube Mini as well, but more about that soon.

A number of people have asked about racks and mudguards for the Downtube bikes, which are something we wish we could offer. At the moment, we can't find the right supplier, so what we're about to do is add links to other online bike sellers who have the best racks and mudguards. To fit the mudguards to the IXFS you need a fitting kit, since it doesn't have the conventional holes and mountings. We've ordered the parts to put these kits together, and will be adding them to the site soon, so you can easily mount any set of standard 20" mudguards (the Dahon ones look to be the best).

We're particularly excited to be taking on the Nutcase Helmets line; we think the UK market is short on really cool and fun helmets. Protecting your head is a good idea, but why would you want to look bland or dorky? Look out for the designs below to appear very soon:

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Tiff said...

These all look wicked, do you have the lights/helmets in yet? They're not on the website...